The CozyPod

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” but do something– Theodore Roosevelt.

Although Lebanon is a small country, it’s home to many exceptional individuals, who conquered their personal, economic, social, and political challenges. Here at TheCozyPod, we seek out these individuals, in the hope of sharing some unique insight on their success journeys. The interactions with our guests, take the form of conversations more so than typical interviews, we hope to establish a fun, informative, cozy, and free environment for the watcher.


We need hope, to remember we have dreams worth realizing, to recognize our value as humans, and to remind ourselves that we still have much to offer. When was the last time we felt inspired as a society? Inspiring individuals drive a society, for what are we without inspiration? A compass without its north, a sky without its sun, a fire without the wind…

At TheCozyPod, we made it our mission to find these inspirational individuals and share their stories, knowledge, and the ins and outs of their craft. They come from all walks of life, but what they share in common is incredible tenacity in overcoming the challenges of their individual lives and of their country and society.

Join us in discovering inspiring stories and captivating real-life fantasy tales of resilience and achievement, because at TheCozyPod we shouldn’t shush our dreams.



Nayla Hocheimy Hajj


Hani Akiki

Executive Producer:

Edgard Hakim


Ghina Zgheib


Nasri Messarra


Ralph Waked

Graphic Designer