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Return Policy

Our Story

– We do not have a general return policy. Once an item is delivered and paid for, it cannot be returned unless it was broken or damaged during delivery.
– Our boutique is open, allowing customers to inspect items physically before making a purchase. We encourage customers to thoroughly check the items to ensure satisfaction before placing an order.
– Every item undergoes a final recheck and maintenance before delivery to minimize the risk of small scratches or damages while on display. 

Delivery Charges

What makes us special

– Delivery charges are region-based. The cost varies depending on the delivery destination.
– Larger and heavier items that require a truck and additional labor will incur higher delivery charges compared to smaller items, which can be delivered using a sedan van and one labor.
– For small items, a flat rate of $3 per delivery applies inside Lebanon.
– Customers who opt to collect their items directly from the boutique will not incur any delivery charges.

Payment Terms

Our Story

Payment is done by cash upon delivery. Customers are required to pay the total amount, including the item’s price and the applicable delivery charge when the order is delivered.